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How Are Houseboats Of Kerala And Kashmir Different

Houseboat life can be an unforgettable experience. Be it taking in the sights and sounds of the backwaters, taking shikara rides or just relaxing and lounging around on board, it provides an exceptional way to spend your holiday In this How Are Houseboats Of Kerala And Kashmir Different article we will explore about the key differences between kashmir and kerala houseboats .

But how are houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir different? Continue reading to gain an insight.

Kerala Houseboats

Kerala Houseboats should be on every traveller’s itinerary when visiting this picturesque state. Conceived as floating homes and equipped with amenities designed to create an unforgettable experience for visitors, these Kettuvallam are an unforgettable way to explore Kerala’s backwaters.

Houseboats used to serve as an effective mode of transportation between villages in their state. But with motorized roads and rails taking hold, traditional houseboats became less prevalent – though now they’ve made a comeback as popular travel destinations among visitors from all around the globe.

Houseboats are large vessels equipped with rooms for sleeping, cooking and living on board. Common materials used to construct houseboats include coir ropes, palm leaves and local wood; their raft-like structure makes navigation simple while their interior designs focus on providing maximum comfort for their inhabitants. Houseboats typically feature kitchens and dining areas.

Building a Kerala houseboat begins by selecting appropriate materials. Anjili wood and coir ropes are often utilized as building materials, while palm leaves form its roof before waterproof coir mats are laid over top to form a waterproof surface.

Kashmir Houseboats, on the other hand, can be found moored to Dal Lake which is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and home to an array of birds. Crafted from cedar wood with intricate carvings on their exterior and equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning and heating systems; these houseboats can provide an unforgettable experience!

Kashmir boasts spectacular natural vistas that are simply breath-taking in their splendour, from mountains and crystal-clear lakes, offering unique perspectives of nature’s magnificence. Houseboating allows travelers to fully immerse themselves in this natural splendor.

Staying aboard a Kashmir houseboat is the ideal way to unwind and unplug from everyday stresses and tensions. Guests can soak in breathtaking scenery from their houseboat while dining on delicious meals prepared by their personal chefs, followed by watching the sun go down over Lake Baikal while listening to its gentle waves send them off into sleepy blissful dreams.

Shelter Group of Houseboats

The Shelter Group of Houseboats offer five-star accommodations on Nageen Lake. Each houseboat comes equipped with top-of-the-line amenities like private parking, free wifi and mini library access – perfect for your next visit to Srinagar! They also provide various Kashmir tour packages.

Kashmiri houseboats differ significantly from their Kerala counterparts in that they remain stationary on a lake bund, using shikaras for transportation. Crafted out of cedar pine wood, their wooden architecture makes these beautiful structures quite striking to look at and modern amenities are provided as well as exquisite Kashmiri furniture to make an enjoyable living space that provides respite from city life. They make an excellent retreat.

Houseboats provide the ideal environment to spend your vacation relaxing amid the mountains of Kashmir, making them a must-visit attraction in Srinagar for tourists. Staying on one will give you an in-depth glimpse into local culture and traditions; additionally, houseboats also provide stunning views of lakes and snow-covered mountain peaks from within its confines.

As part of your stay on board, you can indulge in mouthwatering local cuisines and take in breathtaking views from the deck. Our staff at the houseboat will ensure a relaxing and pleasurable stay!

Spend your evenings taking in the beauty of nature while dining on traditional Keralite meals served on banana leaves. Or take a ride on a shikara to explore Dal Lake and other scenic areas nearby. Your houseboat is located close to many tourist spots like Hazratbal Mosque, Dal Lake, and Shankaracharya Temple for easy sightseeing trips.

Lighthouse Group of Houseboats in Srinagar should be on any luxurious vacation itinerary in Kashmir Valley. With relaxing amenities and stunning Himalayan mountain views, this houseboat provides a serene retreat perfect for couples. Don’t miss it!

Kashmir Houseboats

how are houseboats of kerala and kashmir different

Houseboats are boats specifically constructed to serve as homes, typically by adding on features like kitchen and bedrooms. Houseboats can typically be found along the backwaters of Kerala and Kashmir but may also be found elsewhere such as lakes or waterways. Houseboats provide a wonderful way to experience both culture and natural beauty of Kashmir – whether staying on an authentic wooden shikara or modern houseboat; you will surely be mesmerised by what this region has to offer!

Kashmiri houseboats are typically constructed out of cedar pine wood to withstand both water and snow, ranging in size from small one-bedroom boats up to large eight-bedroom ones. Mooring them around lakes connect them to local plumbing and electricity systems while Wi-Fi, TV, and 24-hour hot water are available as amenities on certain luxury models; you should make sure it’s family-owned for optimal service and more personalized experiences.

Interiors of houseboats are elegantly adorned with intricate carvings, while guests can take pleasure in sampling local cuisine such as kebabs and mutton dishes on board. Booking ahead to avoid any disappointments is essential in booking larger houseboats which provide more privacy; additionally it should have enough beds for everyone in your party.

While staying on a houseboat in Kashmir, take some time to visit Dal Lake. This beautiful waterway boasts rich flora and fauna as well as floating gardens that you can experience first-hand. Or take a shikara ride (gondola ride) through this special region for even greater insight.

Terrorism has had an impactful impact on Kashmir’s houseboat industry. From 3,000 in the 1970s, only about 900 remain today, leading to owners fearful they cannot sustain themselves without Indian tourists. In order to help address this problem, Jammu and Kashmir’s government is planning to introduce star ratings similar to hotels. This should help the industry recover while simultaneously increasing tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.

Backwater Cruises

Houseboats are an enjoyable and memorable way to explore Kerala and Kashmir’s backwaters, offering visitors a memorable and authentic experience. In addition to providing incredible views of lush waters and majestic mountains, houseboats also provide ample opportunity for outdoor activities such as fishing, birdwatching and visiting traditional villages – many even cater specifically to families traveling with young children! If you’re visiting India soon, why not book one as part of your next vacation adventure!

Houseboats are traditional boats that serve as homes on the water. Each houseboat typically consists of a bedroom, kitchen, dining area and living area equipped with modern amenities like TV and internet access. Some even feature balconies which overlook lakes or rivers and may even boast intricately-carved cedar pine design features that boast balconies for viewing views over water bodies. Larger houseboats may feature four or five bedrooms suitable for larger groups – these rooms are air conditioned with private bathrooms for convenience – in addition to having facilities like jettys for guests to use during their stays on waterways.

Kettuvallams are houseboats found throughout Kerala that have been modified from their original use as forms of transportation. Crafted of wooden planks fastened together using coconut fiber ropes and covered in bamboo poles and palm leaves for protection, kettuvallams provide slow-moving boats ideal for exploring Kerala’s backwaters.

Srinagar’s backwaters are an increasingly popular tourist attraction. You can visit local shops, attend workshops for woodcarving and embroidery, learn about traditional lifestyle of local people as well as find delicious local food at one of many restaurants nearby.

Houseboat rentals can be booked from one to seven nights, with options ranging from private to shared boats available. Cost will depend on personal preferences and seasonality – before booking it’s important to inspect and ensure it contains all the amenities.

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FAQ about How Are Houseboats Of Kerala And Kashmir Different

How are Kerala Houseboats different from Kashmir Houseboats?

Kerala Houseboats, known as Kettuvallams, are traditional floating homes made of coir ropes, palm leaves, and local wood, designed for exploring backwaters. In contrast, Kashmir Houseboats are crafted from cedar wood, often stationary on lakes, with modern amenities like air conditioning. The article details the unique features of each, providing insights into their construction and experiences.

What amenities do Shelter Group of Houseboats in Kashmir offer?

The Shelter Group of Houseboats on Nageen Lake in Srinagar provides five-star accommodations with amenities like private parking, free wifi, and a mini library. The article suggests that these houseboats differ significantly from Kerala counterparts and mentions their picturesque location, wooden architecture, and modern comforts.

How are houseboats in Kerala, specifically Kettuvallams, constructed, and what materials are used?

Construction of Kettuvallams, traditional houseboats in Kerala. It describes the use of Anjili wood, coir ropes, palm leaves, and coir mats to create the raft-like structure.

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